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Create & Share Custom Games

With CGS, users can create and share their own custom card games!

You can mange your card games by tapping the center card game in the Main Menu:

Main Menu Image

You can then tap on the “Share” button to create a CGS Deep Link that you can send to other people, so that they can click on it and get access to that card game:

Game Selection Menu Image

You can also tap the “Download” button to manually enter the CGS AutoUpdate URL for the game you would like to download.

For example, the CGS AutoUpdate URL for Arcmage is:

Game Download Menu Image

You can also create your own custom game(s) by following the Custom Games Documentation.


When you play a game in CGS, CGS defaults to hosting game sessions in your Local Area Network (LAN), meaning that anyone on the same wifi as you should be able to join your game. If you want to play over the internet, you need to forward port 7777.

When joining a friend’s game session, CGS will be set to use the same card game that the host has selected. If you do not already have that card game, CGS will automatically download it.

When navigating through CGS, you may find it useful to use keyboard shortcuts.


See the current roadmap. Please send any additional feature requests/bug reports/other feedback to or contact us on facebook. We’re also on Twitter and Reddit, and we encourage you to check out these other projects.

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